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Specials in the Glemm valley

End of Glemm valley


High Rope Course

In the end of the valley you will find Austria's biggest high rope course. 200 different stations and 30 rope slides are connecting several levels and platforms 3 to 40 metres above the ground. The most thrilling attraction are sixropeslides of which four cross the valley! Glide over the valley 120 metres above the ground and 80 km/h fast!

Golden Gate Bridge der Alpen

Golden Gate Bridge and Tree Top Paths

The treetop path is the highest one in Europe. Together with the Golden Gate Bridge of the alps a combination of a 1 km long round path in the tree tops and a 200 m long rope bridge was brought to you.. A massive larch wood construction with stairs, towers, bridges and platforms offers several spots with an excellent view.


Schnitza’s Woodpark

"Schnitza's wood park" is entered through a wood maze and contains numerous playing facilities."Back to the roots" is the motto. In "Schnitza's wood park" creativity, the spirit of adventure are demanded in the same way as open eyes for the nature and a little braveness.


Devils water

The magic world of the devil's water in the end of the valley is a big theme park with many offers for playing and wellness concerning the element water. A "Kneipp"-Basin, a fishpond, wooden playhouse, rocky pool, cavepath, herbs-of-the-alps-path and the "Stonedragonsquare", fairy- and gnomeworld, dancing forest ghosts and some resting places to relax.


Montelinos Erlebnisweg

Montelino’s Adventure Path

It's all about the little clown Montelino who lost his smile because he neglected his friends and toys until they disappeared. Now its your turn to bring the smile back to Montelino. Take a box and try to find all his friends and toys again. Follow the wise owl - it will help you! Enjoy this adventure and help Montelino to smile again.

Berg Kodok

Mount Kodok

Once upon a time a goblin, called Kodok, had stolen the magic cap from our clown. Until today, nobody had managed to get the clown cap back. Now you have the chance to bring back the luck to the Mount Kodok. To solve the riddle, you have to find the right code of signs and record it in your adventure pass. Follow the mystical hints on Mount Kodok, find the goblin´s tracks and unravel the mysteries, which you´ll see.


The Fairytale Forest

At the fairytale forest in Hinterglemm you'll meet all your favourite fairytale characters. All figures were made of wood and painted by hand. The entrance to the fairytale forest can be found directly next to the indoor tennis, about 400 metres after the tunnel in Hinterglemm, on the left hand side.

Minigolf Hinterglemm


Adventurously, small and large golfers have to try to tackle the paths with the fewest strokes. This Minigolf areas promise an experience for the whole family. The custom tracks offer many different obstacles - by mills, over hills and slopes. Who needs the fewest strokes at the end wins.



Herbal Path

A splendidly laid out path of medicinal herbs on the Reiterkogel in Hinterglemm is the right place for hobby gardeners and anyone who loves the splendours of nature. Enjoy a wild kaleidoscope of beauty and power-enhancing plants, more than 80 in all! You discover which plants are poisonous and which are used (and for what purpose) in medicinal arts and in cooking.

Heimat Rundweg

Homeland Path

Find out more about the Glemmtal area on a relaxed, leisurely walk around the summit of the Zwölferkogel mountain. From the historic evolution of an impoverished village of mountain farmers to an internationally renowned tourist resort; about exciting sagas and legends from the Glemmtal; all the way to fascinating details from the forest and hunting worlds.


Instructional Walk with botanical description

Walking time: approx. 1.5 h., depature: Lindlingalm;on foot , with a mountain-bike or with the “Noddy” train. Along the path signed posts with description of various exercises as well as an interesting description of fauna and flora, equipment, advice about food and safety precautions in our mountain area.



The motorized trail Saalbach, along the Saalach from the village Jausern to Saalbach, invites you to 24 training sessions or simply to a varied and comfortable round in nature. With a concept of "Motorik Dreams" (according to sports scientist Dr. Roland Werthner), the individual elements offer targeted coordination and conditional exercises.



Skyver und Bockerl

The Skyver is a new downhill device without shifting system or chain. Due to the special ergonometry of the Skyver, riding down our downhill tracks will be an unforgetable experience.
"Bockerl" are an ideal motivation for outdoor movement. We walk up a hill (mountain), carrying this scooters (which only weigh 3 kilograms) and we go down on gravel roads, fields or asphalt. Bockerls are equipet with disc brakes, so that everyone can choose his/her individual speed.


Climbing Tower

Located next to the Tennis Hall Hinterglemm is the climbing tower for all climbing enthusiasts. For both beginners and professionals are different routes of varying difficulty available. Bringing a climbing equipment is required before it can then go into the air. In summer, the tower is open daily.

Go Kart

Go Kart

The Karting Experience in Saalbach for all, who like to enter the gas. The go-kart track in the open invites in summer and in winter for ultimate driving pleasure. Straightening for accelerating and then again a lot of curves - which is a challenge with lot of fun.



Several flight schools in Saalbach Hinterglemm offer a Holiday highlight over the mountains of the holiday paradise. You feel like you could fly and discover the unique landscape around Saalbach Hinterglemm while paragliding with the bird's-eye view.




The  canyoning course  offers a mixture of jumps, slides, rope crossings and abseiling passages.The natural character of the creek as well as the preperation made by our team allows you to choose whether you'd like to do the tour in a "easygoing" or "more difficult" way. As you can bypass the more difficult passages (e.g. a ladder instead of a big jump), it means that those who are less experienced can also participate in this adventure


Tubing and Rafting

Tubing is the latest craze on rivers. Tubes are very easy to handle and they are - due to the way they are constructed - stable. Tubing is a safe type of water sports, and it's also fun when the water level is low. Or do you prefer to stay in a boat with your friends? Then Rafting is the right adventure for you.



The fishing pond Bärenbach in Saalbach offers trout and char to fish them yourself. In the adjoining restaurant you can let prepare these specialties. Or would you prefer archery? A archery can be found at a fishing pond Bärenbach and inviting place for hours together with a lot of fun.

Käptn Hook

Captain Hook – Action Pools

For adventure and fun Captain Hook is provided in Saalbach for swimming and a lot of fun. The Open Air baht offers 1000sqm water surface with many attractions like wild water slide, lap pool, swing bay, climbing net, rain zone and massage tables. Moreover it offers a  baby and children's area with low water pools.

Art and culture

Alte Skibindung

Local Museum and Ski Museum

In the  Ski museum more than 300 exhibits from over 100 years of skiing history of Saalbach Hinterglemm are issued on 2 floors of a farmhouse from the year 1698. You can find the development of the 1st ski to modern equipment, which have the racers today. The development of the ski bindings, slopes processing devices and much more will be exhibited.


Schnaps Destillery Bartl Enn

"When we burned our first booze 15 years ago it was a hobby and we spent very little time at the distillery. In 1999 we won our first "Golden firing unit". Our ambition was piqued - since this we are constantly working to optimize the quality of our products .Over the time it has become a very extensive range of products developed ".

Bartl & Monika Enn


Atelier Saalbach

Wonderful designs in color and form evoke all that loves the Hiker in nature. That is also the reason that her paintings are appreciated by other artists. Like all good works they reveal the mind - the soul of the artist. A soul full of subtlety and daring.
Inspiration from a keen observation of nature and all the characteristics of abstract painting exhibit - the unique pictures of Evi Fersterer


Atelier Breitfuss & Aquarellness

Water and color - these are the basic ingredients that make Johann Breitfuss manufactures artworks so special.  Aquarellness workshops: Treat everyday a picturesque break and dive under professional guidance in the fascination of watercolor painting.

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